Local High Schools


                 Internet service:

              a: Use  http://www.hostica.com for your web server.    ( $12.00 per year for  5mb web site ) You can choose a larger site.

              b: Use  http://www.hostica.com when purchasing your domain name. ($10.00 each per year and a one time setup fee of $10.00.)

                     These charges are to be paid directly to Hostica.com not to Ed Schroeder, He has nothing to do with the cost! 

                     You do not have to use Ed's web server, you can go with any server, but he has experience with Hostica.com.

                  1: Use your school name and graduation year for your domain name  (example XXXXXXXX9999.com, .com will allow your

                  domain name to come up before all the other domain extensions.)  Always purchase your domain name and web site service at

                  the same time .You will need a e-mail address so that Hostica  can e-mail you  your domain name and web site registration.

                  After receiving you web site  information from hostica.com e-mail them back and  have  MS  FrontPage extensions turned on,

                  you will need them to publish your web site to the web. Your domain name and web site will be up in about two days.

                  Print all e-mail information you receive from Hostica.com. Keep your login name and password to yourself and remember it!!!!!!

             c: Use http://www.hostica.com for your school e-mail address (Alumni@XXXXXXXXX9999.com).It will be free with your web site.

             d: Your alumni  information page will be sent to this e-mail address from your web site questionnaire.

             e: Need help go to http://www.hostica.com or http://www.localhighschools.com.   Check out  http://www. BuenaHighSchool.com

      If you find any mistakes on this web site or in the programs please send me a nice note to BuenaHighSchool1962@yahoo.com and I will correct it as soon as possible.

          Remember H.A.N.D. = Have a Nice Day.   Edward R. Schroeder

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